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puppyI have always wanted to start a traveling puppy break business. That's right. I want to gather up a dozen, okay, maybe half a dozen, puppies of all shapes, sizes and breeds, and take them to places of business around mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Who doesn't love cuddling a puppy? What puppy doesn't love to be cuddled? It's a win-win proposition! Of course, there would be a lot of upkeep. I'd have to find a large, air-conditioned van, and invest in a bunch of pooper scoopers and fake grass patches for potty breaks.

I imagine my Puppy Break van pulling up in front of a drab, windowless office building right around 3 p.m. It's drag time, people are shuffling to the vending machines for a bag of M&Ms and a stale-tasting cup of machine made coffee. How does reading that make you feel? Pretty lousy, right?


Now imagine heading out into the sunshine for a few minutes and finding a van full of fluffy, furry, kissable, huggable puppy dogs who want nothing more out of life than to lick your face and squirm all over you. How do you feel now? Pretty awesome, right? When you get done slurping on the pups, you can watch puppy playtime break out. Puppymania! Not to be confused with wrestlemania. A good time had by all.

Workers return to their desks refreshed and happy. Puppies tend to have that affect. I've never met a puppy who made me feel pessimistic about life.The puppies are tired out after a full day of play and love, and return home to owners who might enjoy an exhausted pooch come evening time. Again, win-win situation.

Anyway, looks like I'm not alone in this canine aspiration. A company called Puppies and Reptiles for Parties travels around California doing something similar.

Read the story here.

Jennifer Mulson is the managing editor of Marmapoints. She also teaches yoga at CorePower Yoga in Colorado Springs.

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