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bizladyI entered my chiropractor’s office with a slight limp. I hoped he had the fix. Thirty minutes later I limped back out with a recipe for sore hips to add to my aching heel. So why am I pleased? It starts with my yoga instructor’s words.

“Step to the front of your mat,” she said quietly. We made a collective shift forward. “Now, close your eyes and think of the word vision … what vision do you hold for your yoga practice today?” Nice question. With a little word-smithing, it’s also a good mantra to repeat for the new year ahead.

This time of year is a perfect time for articulating a personal vision. Just for fun, I tested a new Google tool which graphed the prevalence of the phrase “personal vision” from 1800 to 2008. Our use of the word peaked in the mid-’90s, making personal vision a fairly commonplace phrase within our culture. I ask myself “What vision do I hold for 2011?” and after a three-month sabbatical from work, I feel pretty lucid about a couple of things. I no longer want work dominating my life. I want to create more space and lightness in my work so that it supports, not erodes, my physical health.

Taking a sabbatical was a huge leap for me; in my decades of working so far, I’ve never taken a substantial break (and now I know: three months off feels more like two weeks!). Yes, I’ve had wonderful vacations and quality time with friends and family; but I’ve never unplugged from work purely to recharge myself.

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moorefieldRenee is CEO and Wellbeing Practice Leader at Wisdom Works Group, Inc. a strategy development firm that advances wellbeing and sustainability in companies and communities worldwide. Renee founded Wisdom Works in 1999 from a deep belief: the values of health and sustainability, actively sought by peoples worldwide, are remaking the way we live, lead and manage in the 21st century. Renee also contributes to the field of wellbeing and sustainability through authoring, public speaking and advising projects which better society. Her publications include the book Driven by Wellth, which explores a shift in business values from wealth to wellbeing; dozens of magazine and peer-reviewed journal articles and the blog Wellbeing + Strategy, offering approaches for improving leadership and organizational vitality.

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